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Friday, April 30, 2010

Rewind: April Through The Years

Written By: MIM!—It's the end of the month, and our big news this month is that we launched a new look for the magazine (April 2010: Live Your Life) and joined Facebook! Don't forget to follow, friend and/ or like us on Facebook, and together we'll define the voice of this generation's African women.

When we were publishing the magazine nine times a year, our April issues marked a time of the year when we were deliberately reflective about where we were yet hopelessly optimistic about what was in store. In 2006, it was time to Spring Forward with Rosemary Chileshe (Zambia) on our cover. In 2007, we brought in Something New with covergirl Mirembe Campbell (Uganda). In 2008 we celebrated Black Beauty with Liya Kebede (Ethiopia) gracing our cover. And in 2009, Sehin Belew (Ethiopia) showed us how to be Simply Fabulous by being on the cover of MIMI with no regard for her age.

Here are the hot topics that we were blogging about in past Aprils:

2007: First Malaria Awareness Day In The United States.

(Caption: Reading MIMI Magazine Online (Model Used Solely For Illustrative Purposes))

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