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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Best Of 5 Years Of MIMI Magazine

Written By: MIM!MIMI Magazine is 5 years old this year. To celebrate this milestone, we have compiled a Best Of issue with our 5 most memorable articles from each of the magazine’s sections—Features, Style, Lifestyle, Heart & Soul, Mambo, and Africana—highlighting the artistic, cultural, and political landscape of Africa and the Diaspora. To learn more about the past 5 years of publishing, including updates from our favorite interviews, a gallery of never before seen photos, and thoughts from some of the talented writers who volunteered their time over the years to make MIMI one of the leading digital publications for African women, visit this space, where we will post our "behind the pages" stories and subscribe to MIMI via Facebook or Twitter.

Whether you are connected to MIMI in Nairobi, New York, or somewhere in between, thank you for your continued support! Together, we are the voice of this generation’s African women.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mimi; this is a really nice selection of articles.