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Monday, May 31, 2010

World Premiere And Debut Music Video: AiRis Without You

Written By: Icy PR—Greatly influenced by Mediterranean, rock, pop and African music, AiRis is truly an international Artist. Born in Cairo, Egypt to a Nigerian Father and an Egyptian mother, AiRis spent her young adult years between Nigeria, United Kingdom, and Egypt. In the Fall of 2009, AiRis moved to Nigeria to pursue her singing/song writing career and in the spring of 2010 she created AiRis Music, her own record label. In creating her music, AiRis tries to convey her feelings, experiences, and those of others in the words and rhythm of her style. Her style of music is alternative pop and soul music with various cultural influences, specifically African. The debut video for AiRis (Without You) was directed by BET’s Hip Hop Award winning director Adam Rush and shot on location in Miami. Watch it below.

Without You- World Premiere from Asmaa Idrisu on Vimeo.


naijagal said...

Beautiful song.

Anonymous said...

Great song, and the man in that video is fine!