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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

MIMI Muse: Funeka Ngwevela

Written By: MIM!Funeka Ngwevela (known to her friends as "Funi") is a self-professed "quirky stylista" who is fashioning South Africa one person at a time as a stylist. When asked about her style philosophy, Funeka shared: "Normalcy is a plague and I refuse to be infected. I have an eye for style, a characteristic that is becoming increasingly rare with each passing day. Style is not about following trends, it is about finding what works for you. My style is indie, rock, retro, effortless and classic. My duty is to inspire you."

Keep up with Funeka by visiting her blog, The Quirky Stylista: and follow her on Twitter @QuirkyStylista.

(Photo Credits: Maxine Ma'atSankofa, Jonty van Zeller)


Anonymous said...

Now this is one fierce b****. Work it Miss Funi!