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Thursday, July 15, 2010

MIMI Muse: Soraya Akua Khalil-Ibrahiym

Written By: MIM!When Soraya Khalil is not busy studying finance, she is making strides as a model. Currently booked with Bookings Models Agency, the brainy beauty (who is Ghanaian-Jamaican) won the Benetton It's My Time campaign, to become one of twenty faces from around the globe to represent the brand. Playing up her beautifully coifed afro, Soraya has quickly captured the attention of the fashion world beyond Benetton. But finance hasn't given way entirely to fashion, Sorya says: "I'm a fun loving, versatile individual with a strong passion for fashion—a fashionaire! I am a finance student, currently studying towards my ACCA but I have always had a strong interest in modeling."

Keep up with Soraya, by following her on Twitter @Soreezy, and if you are a MIMI-ista who is interested in being featured in MIMI, get the details on our post, Be In MIMI.

(Photo Credits: Ernest Simmons and Chris Saunders/Fabrica)


Anonymous said...

Cute gal!