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Friday, July 16, 2010

She Defines Soul.Substance.Style (No. 013): Mireille Urumuri

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Written By: MIM!We are big fans of actress, model, and aspiring writer Mireille Urumuri, and it's not just because her nickname is Mimi. The Rwandan born multi-talented Mireille discovered her love for the performing arts at four years old while living in Spain with her family. At the time, Mireille wanted to become a Flamenco dancer, but at six, when Mireille's family moved to Canada, she fell in love with acting and committed to the arts, ultimately attending the Montreal School of Performing Arts.

Cultivating her passion while based in Canada, Mireille has pursued diverse opportunities with minor roles in television shows, appearing in short films, theatre productions, and commercials. Next up for Mireille, a summer in New York's Michael Howard Studios, where she will continue to hone in on her skills at an institution where her role models (who include Kerry Washington) once studied. Mireille also continues to pursue modeling opportunities, building an ever-impressive portfolio.

Obviously a hard worker, Mireille says, "I've been told that I would have to work extra hard because in the entertainment industry it [is] hard to make it as a dark skin woman. If you work really hard for your dreams, everything is possible ... I have always worked really hard for everything I have and it [has] paid off. Nothing worth doing comes for free and nothing is as exhilaration as getting something after pushing really hard to attain it."

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(Photo Credits: Suzanne Teresa (Hair By Kevin Dieleman and Makeup By Kate Elizabeth Blythe))