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Monday, August 30, 2010

Style Notes From Swagger Clothing

Written By: Nani HapaMade up of a team who is passionate about the continent, Swagger is a lifestyle label looking to add a little ... well, swagger, to your wardrobe. MIMI caught up with Swagger's Kwame Ado to find out more about the label that is marrying swagger with style.
  1. In three words, Swagger is ... Fun, Unique, Classic.
  2. The African celebrity with the most Swagger is ...Djimon Hounsou.
  3. The best way to accessorize your Swagger is ... to check our website for new exciting products.
  4. The worst African Swagger jacker is ... every African has their own swagger.
  5. To get Swagger like us...WEAR SWAGGER, our brand.
For more from Swagger, visit the official site at

(Photo Credits: Provided Courtesy Of Swagger)


Michael said...

It's about time we supported our own. Bravo Africa