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Monday, August 30, 2010

Indie Inspiration: Funky Dada

Written By: MIM!Funky Dada's home decor collection is anything but ordinary. Inspired by bold and beautiful patterns, prints, and textures from around the globe, Funky Dada aims to infuse a bit of vibrancy, color and whimsy into our lives. Shop Funky Dada by visiting their Etsy Shop: and learn more about the label by visiting And as Funky Dada shares, "Dada means sister in Swahili, and we hope our creations encourage and inspire funky sisters (and brothers) everywhere! "

(Photo Credits: Funky Dada)


Anonymous said...

i am honestly getting tired of ppl not being creative enough to come up with their own print styles instead of doign everything with these african prints (which originates from Ghana, Ivory Coast and the like - LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD WHO TRULY ARE THE PIONEERS FOR USING THESE FABRICS)

First it was Eva Sonaike and her pillows and i loved it thought it was her own print design until realise beyonce wearing it in a shorts, last week and according sources its that thief BOXING KITTEN who like the rest steal all these african prints to makes dresses and what not and call it her ow. I would for once like them to underland the fabric print is not my print.

I love US designers like TRINA TURKs, she is original from scratch anyprint on her home decor she designs

Anyway can go to Makola Market in Accra get your self 6yards of fabric and sew a 4 edge knife pillow like this. NOthing spectacular.

Now her bowls and plates am inspried cos i see it her own hand work ,but for the pillows I am not fazed by it. Its not - It is not UNIQUE - no need to beat around the bush.

Anonymous said...

To the above poster, I'm not really clear what you are so upset about. Do you have any actual evidence to back up those claims of theft? Because it sounds like you are the one who made an incorrect implicit assumption of incorrectly attributing those designs to the wrong person/group. I don't see how it is stealing if they are legitimately buying the fabrics from the people who created the design then using them to create something else. People do that all the time (it's called appropriation), and like it or not, it applies to textiles and fabrics. I'm just not really clear where Funky Dada claimed the design as their own.