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Friday, September 3, 2010

Iman Is Expanding Her Empire With The Launch Of IMAN Home Designs, A Home Decor Brand Inspired By International Locales

Written By: MIM!Iman wants an invitation to your home with the upcoming launch of her home decor collection, IMAN Home Collection. Influenced by global culture and contemporary design, the IMAN Home Collection represents Iman's mission to create elegant, affordable items that mix exotic elements with modern sophistication and will be available at Calico Corner and Calico Home Stores and select retailers across the United States.

Look for IMAN Home to launch later on this year at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. "I am so excited to partner with Mercedes-Benz on this project," said Iman. "We have worked tirelessly in preparation for the launch of IMAN Home and to have this forum, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, is a great way to unveil the collection." For more information, visit

(Photo Credits: IMAN Home Collection)


Fri {Wedding Nouveau} said...

I just can't exciting.