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Friday, September 3, 2010

AiRis Music: Fly Away And Sick In Love (Featuring Ice Prince)

Written By: Nani Hapa—AiRis' highly anticipated debut album, The AiRis Project, which will be released next year promises to be equal parts pop, soul, and African. We've already heard the lead single from the album, Without You, where we heard more of AiRis' African sound. Now, here is an inside track to her pop and soul sound with the two teaser singles, Fly Away and Sick In Love.

AiRis: Fly Away by MIMIMagazine

AiRis: Sick In Love (Feat. Ice Prince) by MIMIMagazine

(Photo Credits: ICY PR)


Anonymous said...

Without You is the best bar none. Fly Away is too electronica for my taste, and Sick in Love is ok (the rap is the best part), but the vocals are not as tight as Without You, it sounds too poppy. If she sticks with the Without You Nigerian R&B formula, this is going to be nice album. When is it coming out?