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Monday, November 8, 2010

From The Archives: MIMI Muse: Marian Kihogo's Top 5 Fashion Rules

Written By: Marian Kihogo (As Told To Lola K.)—I have always been fascinated by the way people wear their clothes. As a child as young as ten, I would watch people. I love all of fashion, from fashion history, design and media but what grips me is translating a design my own way. My motivation to become a fashion stylist was my inherent passion for throwing great designs together to create a coherent outfit. Thus, my design philosophy is "creating great style." My fashion icon is every person who knows what their style is and celebrates it unapologetically. My top five fashion rules:

1. It is imperative to know what one’s figure type is. Every woman’s body has flaws, the clever ones are those who know what theirs are. They thus dress to camouflage them and highlight the good. Be in the know. It is knowledge for life.

2. Unearth your personal style. Some are born with an innate sense of style, the majority are not but this can easily be developed with professional styling consultations.

3. I advise clients not to be blind followers of fashion. It’s great to be aware of trends but make sure to borrow of them what works for you individually.

4. Another important point to note is confidence. Two women of the exact body type could wear the same outfit with one carrying it off better. This is down to confidence. Remember attitude helps carry an outfit off. Without confidence, clothes end up wearing you.

5. Lastly, there are no rules! Every style icon became iconic by making their own rules. Experiment with fashion, broaden your colour palette and create your own style. Fashion is fickle but true style is everlasting.

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For more from Marian, visit her stylish website

(Photo Credits: © Marian Kihogo) (Originally Published: Summer 2008: My Top 5 Fashion Rules)


Myne Whitman said...

Nice tips!