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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Excerpt: The Only Way Is Up, The Journey Of An Immigrant

Written By: Folake Taylor—I came to this country with three hundred dollars to my name! Even though I had graduated from medical school and been through one year of rotational internship in my country of origin, the exchange rate of our currency to the dollar left much to be desired and my pocket wanting. After paying for my airline ticket to the United States and stopping over in my country of birth for a week, that was all that was left. Little did I know that people depended on cars so much in the United States. This is quite unlike the situation in Europe and other places where affordable public transportation is the main means of transport.

I need to make one distinction here. My country of birth is the United Kingdom and that is the citizenship with which I made my entry into this country. And while that helped me in some situations, it did nothing for my immigration status. I was just another non-American.

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Yedei said...

This seems like it will be an interesting read. I will definitely order a copy for my students at Guidingthejourney to read. We help youth within the local African community reach their educational, professional and personal goals.