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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Excerpt: Metamorphosis

Written By: Ola Laniyan-Amoako—How doth life change us so? Situations raping us of our sweet innocence, slowly cooning our pure elements. Love, hate, death betrayal morphing us into this bitter existence. How harsh the metamorphosis of life.

. . .

It was the night they had all been waiting for. The reunion. It had only been a year since some of them had graduated, yet it seemed like a lifetime. Hugs and kisses. Introductions and tales of woe. Beyoncé playing in the background. Drinks flowing. The atmosphere was nice.

A young lady walks in, tall, slim, ebony toned to perfection. Long black hair, beautiful, big eyes. Her deep cut top emphasizes her c-cup breast and the little paw prints sitting above them. She is gorgeous.

Continue reading an excerpt from Ola Laniyan-Amoako's book, Metamorphosis (published by Urbantopia Books) in MIMI's Love Africa, Always issue.

(Photo Credits: © Imagesource / Punchstock) (Models Used Solely For Illustrative Purposes)