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Sunday, January 30, 2011

MIMI's Poetry Corner: Arise Black Man

Written By: Thobani Khumalo—I see the presidency of Barack Obama illuminating like he holds the
globe giving everybody hope. A man arose from a black nation to pick up the cross for Jesus; a universal mission was then achieved. Fact or fiction I descended on the side of Ham. White became Sire while I black became a pariah.
But to this day I still stand.

Arise black man conquer and devour. Arise black man plan and strategize, for you are a beloved of God.

My dark skin is a vessel that keeps a champion inside. No more will a black man be called by the name of his master. I told them perseverance is encoded in a black’s man DNA. I watch the portrait of Mandela and gain wisdom of words, stereotypically known to be poor and shallow minded, through the “I Have A Dream” speech oppression ended. Bombarded by foreign languages, my soul is wrapped in bandages, because my culture is diluted. I keep up, defending my roots like a king holding his throne.

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(Photo Credits: © iStockPhoto / Kupicoo)