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Friday, January 28, 2011

World Party

Written By: black lily—Question. What do an Aussie erotic-pop artist, a Rwandan hip hop connoisseur and a British independent filmmaker have in common? Well, they are all members of Society HAE (SHAE), an online collective of artists described as a “point of convergence for the creative community across the globe.” Across the globe is right.

Founded in May of 2009 by a forward-thinking Brooklyn boutique owner named Ngozi Odita, Society HAE features members from more of the world’s major metropolises than you can shake a map at. We’re talking Paris, London, Tokyo, Madrid, Amsterdam, Toronto and New York—just for starters. And, in addition to the usual bubbling cauldrons of creativity, some of the talent finding its way to this unique virtual community is originating from far less obvious locales—Romania, The United Arab Emirates, Montego Bay and The Philippines.

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(Photo Credits: © Image Source Photography / Veer)