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Saturday, February 19, 2011

MIMI's Hot 21: Sizwe Dhlomo: The Heartthrob (No. 003)

Written By: MIM!The Heartthrob of MIMI's Hot 21, Sizwe Dhlomo is known for his dashing good looks, irresistible charm ... and insightful tweets. Here are our five recent favorites tweets by Sizwe about well, love!

1. To all my fellow single guys this Valentines Day, think of it this way, even Superman had trouble with Lois Lane. We never stood a chance!

2. Divorce is the downfall of many a man but bachelorhood, is the downfall of many more!

3. I've finally solved this formula for guys! {PS+3 x (BOX) 360 - (W+ii - QT} + {Bravia + 5.1} = Happiness.

4. If your ex tells her future boyfriends about you, make sure they always feel like you're the one to live up to!

5. Ladies, if he says "I love you" 20 minutes before or after a nut, it doesn't count.

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(Photo Credits: © YFM)


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Anonymous said...

No question he's hot, but he's still a boy ... PS3, Wii.

Anonymous said...

Can you be my superman?;)