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Monday, March 28, 2011

Does It Matter That The Covergirl And First Playmate Of The Premier Issue Of Playboy South Africa Is A White South African Woman?

Written By: Nicole Parker-Jones—Playboy Enterprises Inc. is expanding it's empire into Africa—South Africa specifically—with the April 2011 launch of a South African edition of its famous (or as some may say infamous) Playboy Magazine. The introduction of Playboy South Africa has resulted in much fanfare, but some are criticizing the magazine for featuring a white South African woman—Tracy McGregor on the cover. Blogger Mika Stefano shared in his post Playboy South Africa, How Wack: "I found it weird that South Africa would launch Playboy SA and not have an African woman on the cover … I’m not saying Tracy is not African, all I’m saying is, I am sure they could have found a black model to grace the first issue of Playboy SA ... its a nice cover, but I dont see anything that makes it any different to Playboy USA or Playboy anywhere else?"

Perhaps, the answer to this question lies in the press release for the sexy glossy, which included a quote from Johann Botha, head of Sciofon (licensor of Playboy), "We are thrilled to bring Playboy to South Africa, and look forward to continuing the magazine's tradition of excellence with cutting-edge journalism and high-quality photography ... We are confident that premium brands will welcome this new opportunity to align themselves with Playboy to reach affluent, well-educated South African consumers."

So MIMI-istas, are there undercurrents of prejudice (and dare I say racism) in the choice to launch Playboy South Africa with a white model? And if so, do we care—of all the things to take issue with, is an equal opportunity to be objectified as a sex object one of them?

(Photo Credits: Playboy Enterprises, Inc.)


One3snapshot! said...

I'm not surprised, white is always right /sarcasm/
That's why it's a good thing we have our own publications.

Anonymous said...

Should Africa even allow this magazine enter the continent? Babylon culture need not enter!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mika's comment that there is nothing here that distinguishes this cover; what a wasted opportunity to do something interesting.

honeybfly said...

I'm with you Nicole, I don't think this is something worth wasting a second thought about considering the magazine itself is demeaning. It's one thing to have underrepresentation in high fashion glossies, it's quite another with something like this. Plus, might I add, South Africa already has FHM and Maxim and judging by their track record, it's going to be more white women. #ONTOTHENEXTONE

Anonymous said...

Wow, really? I don't think it's appropriate to turn a blind eye to prejudice just because we don't agree with the forum in which it is expressed. Wrong is wrong and letting things like this slide only sets the tone for more of the same in more serious contexts.