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Thursday, March 24, 2011

In Limited Theatrical Release Now: Desert Flower Starring Liya Kebede

Written By: MIM!Desert Flower, the biopic about model Waris Dirie starring Liya Kebede in the title role, has made its way Stateside, and is in limited release across the United States. If the trailer below doesn't convince you just how powerful this story is, read our interview with Waris from October 2005: The Truth About FGM. The critics are also moved. The New York Times writes, “The film, based on Ms. Dirie’s memoir of the same title, is heartening both for Ms. Dirie’s rise-and-overcome tale and for the reminder that a helping hand from a stranger can still occasionally be found in this unkind world. But, of course, it’s also disheartening because of what was done to Ms. Dirie, a moment revisited in a hard-to-watch flashback. The film makes bluntly clear that this is a trauma that lasts a lifetime.” This Day Live echoed similar sentiments, “It is hard to sit through Desert Flower without the nagging thought about the inhumanity of the female genital mutilation, or FGM for short. It is also hard not to credit Waris with not only the courage of escaping from the clutches of this bestiality, but also for telling the world her story.”

Desert Flower (Wüstenblume) - Trailer English from MajesticFilm on Vimeo.

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Myne Whitman said...

This will be a great movie, I hope it gets wide release.

Anonymous said...

This movie is playing in my city, but it took me several internet searches and a review of the day by day listings of the indie theaters to find it. It shouldn't be THIS hard to find a movie that is CURRENTLY playing. For those of you looking to see this, just a warning that it's going to take real effort to find out if it's playing near you, but don't give up and keep looking; the movie is worth it.