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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Book Review: Being Lara: A Novel by Lola Jaye

((  Written By:  Staff Writer  ))  Author Lola Jaye's novel, Being Lara, will keep you turning the pages from beginning to end. The story centers around Lara (née Omolara), a protagonist who always knew she was different.  As a little girl living in England, she realized she looked different from everyone in her family with her dark complexion and curly hair.  Lara has a hard time finding out the reality of her situation, but on her thirtieth birthday, Lara, always in control, gets the surprise of her lifetime when a stranger—a woman in a blue-and-black head tie—claims to be her mother. Unexpected, dangerously unfamiliar emotions are turning Lara's life upside down, pulling her between Nigeria and London, forcing her to confront the truth about her past.  But if she's brave enough to embrace the lives of her two mothers, she may discover once and for all what it truly means to be Lara.

Being Lara is an unforgettable tale of three women—a British mother, a Nigerian birth mother, and Lara a 30-year-old daughter—the choices they made, and the fragile bond they try to create across time and continents.  Author Lola Jaye says, "I like to write about relationships.  Not just about men and women, but between families.  While You Were Dreaming, focuses on sisters.  By The Time You Read This … on the bond between a father and his daughter.  My latest novel Being Lara, although focusing on the relationship between mothers and a daughter … the story ultimately see’s Lara, the main character, find and accept a relationship with herself.  Confused…?  Read the book (please?)."

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