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Thursday, November 29, 2012

emmaoclothing: A Handmade Fashion Fairytale

(( Written By: Nani Hapa ))  In 2011, designer Emma Ostergren was in Cape Town when she teamed up with a Zimbabwean crochetter and launched her clothing line, emmaoclothing.  Her flirty crochet pieces have been widely embraced by fashion bloggers, which has catapulted Emma's label into the fashion stratosphere.  As she explains, "It instantly grew into bigger proportions than I had ever expected ... I started working with one woman, designing pieces that she put into making ... now I have a whole factory in Zimbabwe where the same woman is the head of a group of ladies that once was living without money or work."

See more from Emma's label by visiting, where you can also shop online.

((  Photo Credits:  emmaoclothing  ))