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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Obakki: Dress To Make A Difference

((  Written By:  Nani Hapa  ))  The Obakki Foundation isn’t your typical non-profit—they fundraise through their fashion label Obakki Designs.  Self-described as 100% humanitarian, the company adds: "Obakki Designs absorbs all of the administrative fees, from business cards to travel expenses, so that 100% of all public donations and 100% of net profits generated from Obakki sales can go directly to our humanitarian projects."  For their latest collection, Obakki teamed up with South Sudanese models Ajak, Atong, Ajang, Mari and Nyamuoch to promote a capsule collection of 10 pieces.  Below are a couple of our favorite pieces from the capsule collection.

100% of net profits from the 10-piece capsule collection funds the drilling of fresh water wells in South Sudanese communities that urgently need them.  For more visit

((  Photo Credits:  Obakki  ))


Felix Lee said...

The pieces in this collection are very chic, but the best thing about them is buying them will aid in providing the Sudanese with fresh water. I can't imagine how difficult the living situation is there without water. It's great that the Obakki Foundation is working towards helping the community.