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Monday, December 10, 2012

Doreen Mashika And EDUN For The Holidays

((  Written By: Staff Writer  ))  EDUN has partnered with Zanzibar-based accessories designer Doreen Mashika for a special accessories collection for the holiday season.  She says about Zanzibar's influence on the collection:  "The nature I find around the island is quite interesting, I think finding form and function inspired by nature plays a significant role in creating a brilliant design.  Going outside to be inspired is the most enjoyable research I love to take part in.  Nature never fails to produce something new and interesting.  This is quite visible in the Zanzibar Collection for EDUN."
Doreen empowers local women who handcraft all of her designs using traditional African techniques.  Through employing them and creating a positive impact on their every day lives, she is ultimately promoting positive change in her Zanzibar community.  Doreen shared in an interview with EDUN that "It has always very rewarding to see my employees have access to clean water and decent health facilities.  Something they never had before.  I just didn’t realize the impact of the company on the lives of the women and a few men who work with me. Just seeing change in communities, enabling people to live decently, this is the greatest emotion in my life.  When you can link it with beautiful products—it is a dream come true."

Shop the collection by visiting and to see more from Doreen, visit her official website

((  Photo Credits: EDUN  ))


honeybfly said...

I'd like everything in this collection!