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Monday, December 10, 2012

MIMI's Holiday Gift Guide: Ah(MEN)

((  Written By: Lola K.  ))  Here are MIMI's inspired gift ideas, which are sure to suit almost every good guy on your Christmas list who loves all things Soul.Substance.Style from Africa and the African Diaspora.  1.  ENZI Footwear (Ethiopia—Price Available Upon Request; Stockists Available at  2.  Della's Ruckus Skinny Tie (Ghana—$44 via Della Boutique Online)  3.  This Is Africa Tee (South Africa—$35 via The African Look Book)  4.  Street Level: A Collection Of Drawings And Creative Writing Inspired By Dar-Es-Salaam Illustrated By Sarah Markes (Tanzania—$30 via Amazon)  5.  Kushn 13-Inch Leather Laptop Case (South Africa—$122 via Etsy).