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Friday, December 21, 2012

I Want To Get Married!

((  Written By: Staff Writer  ))  After years of searching for Mr. Right in living-room meetings arranged by family or friends, pharmacist Ghada Abdel Aal decided to take to the blogosphere to share her experiences and vent her frustrations at being young, single, and female in Egypt. Her blog, I Want to Get Married!, quickly became a hit with both men and women in the Middle East.  And so a book was born.  I Want To Get Married! chronicles Ghada's misadventures with "Handsome Houdinis, Technicolor Grooms, Morality Police, and other Mr. Not Quite Rights."

With a keen sense of humor and biting social commentary, Abdel Aal recounts in painful detail her adventures with failed proposals and unacceptable suitors.  This witty look at dating challenges skewed representations of the Middle East and presents a realistic picture of what it means to be a single young woman in the Arab world, where, like elsewhere, a good man can be hard to find.  (The rules may differ from country to country, but the dating game is a universal constant.)

I Want to Get Married! has since become a best-selling book in Egypt, and has been translated into Italian, German, and English.  The book is also the inspiration for a television series based on Ghada's adventures.

Ghada Abdel Aal works as a pharmacist and continues to blog in Arabic at as a self-professed "representative of 15 million females from 25 to 35 years who are pressured by the society everyday to get married even though this matter is out of their hands."

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