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Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh Joy!

((  Written By:  Staff Writer  ))  If Joy Buolamwini's
accomplishments at a young 20 years old, are a predictor of her future accomplishments, then there's no doubt that she is destined to be a leader.  For one thing, the Georgia Institute of Technology graduate's accomplishments read like the resume of a wizkind precisely because, she is one. 

Joy has designed computer games.  She’s built websites for African consulates.  She’s founded multiple startup companies dedicated to gaming, mobile applications, and web design.  She helped develop a program using a robotic teddy bear for diagnostic use in children with autism.  She writes for Newsweek.  She has won a Fulbright for work in Zambia where she will work to expand access to education.  And just last month, she was named a Rhodes Scholar.

As a Rhodes Scholar, Joy plans to pursue her M.Sc. in African Studies at Oxford.  She says about her upcoming studies:  “The heart of computing is humanity, and as a Rhodes scholar, I will have an unprecedented opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of developing nations and global governance while connecting with world leaders who are committed to fighting the world’s fight—making sure each individual can reach her human potential.”

We are looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for Joy and the next generation of young African leaders like Kelvin Doe, who we wrote about on our blog just last week.  If you missed the post, read DJ Focus: A 16 Year Old Genius From Sierra Leone

For more about Joy, visit her official website

((  Photo Credits: Joy Buolamwini  ))


honeybfly said...

So proud of her!!!