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Monday, April 28, 2008

German Sierra Leonean singer Patrice (remember him from MIMI's Hot 21?) is about to release a new album, Free Patri-Ation. He has released a new single, Clouds, which you can hear on his MySpace page. Look out for the album to drop on May 19!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

On April 29, Mayaeni will be releasing her new single Hesitation. She's also wrapped up shooting for the video, and it will be released then. We're looking forward to hearing and seeing what Mayaeni has in store!

MIMI Mambo Link: Unplugged Soul: Mayaeni

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nelson Mandela will be 90 soon. "Time for the most impressive painted tribute", says artist Peter Engels. The result is a breath-taking canvas of 78.7 x 39.4 inch (=200 x 100 cm), painted with the pallet knife, which is Peter Engels' unique signature.

Mandela's birthday will be celebrated on Friday 27 June with a concert in London Hyde Park, hosted by Will Smith. Also present will be Stevie Wonder, Annie Lennox, Keane, U2, Eminem, the 2 of the remaining members of Queen and many other celebrities. Artist Peter Engels hopes to be able to hand over a cheque on probably the most exciting and talked about concert of 2008.

Half of the painting's selling price goes to the Mandela AIDS organisation "46664" (Mandela named his organisation after the number he had in prison on Robben Island). A pretty serious amount because the unique work of art will probably sell for no less than 60.000 euros. Peter Engels: "The buyer not only supports the AIDS fund, he will also acquire an exceptional piece of art: the largest portrait of Nelson Mandela ever painted with the pallet knife."

"In spite of his respectable age, Nelson Mandela has a vivid appearance," Peter Engels says. "Time and a turbulent life have indeed engraved his face, but he still has that friendly look. The stars in his eyes twinkle. His smile is warm and he has a glowing charisma. For me it is a real pleasure and an honour to paint his characteristic head. Putting this painting up for charity is my way of contributing to 46664."

Peter Engels creates his 'Vintage Portraits' in a unique style very much his own, using his sepia colourite to produce astonishing large scale close-ups of well-known characters. For the Mandela portrait he receives many congratulations from all over the world. They say that Peter Engels goes beyond merely painting Mandela's physical features; he captures the man's inner soul.

For details, visit

(Photo Credits: PRNewsFoto/Marathon Art PR)

Christy Turlington Burns (second from left) hosted the INSPI(RED) Mothers' Brunch on Sunday, April 20th, at The Spotted Pig in NYC. Friends and fellow (RED) supporters Helena Christensen, Liya Kebede and Mya (left to right) joined Turlington at this pre-Mother's Day gathering to celebrate motherhood and to share the impact that (RED) is having on women and children in Africa. For more details about (RED), visit
(Photo Credits: PRNewsFoto/(RED))

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ann Ogbomo and her experience of being an English monarch, as Queen Elizabeth in the Histories plays, a new production from the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) directed by Michael Boyd, makes Ogbomo, the only female actress of ethnic minority origin in the ensemble of the History plays who also has the role of a queen. Set to be one of the theatrical highlights in London this year, the Histories, has been brought to the capital by the RSC. This revival of the Histories plays has seen the RSC work with the same ensemble of 34 actors, who play 264 different roles. On average, each actor plays and understudies 14 parts each. A production which has involved 90 weeks of rehearsal, 12 weeks of understudy rehearsals. Find out more by visiting

(Photo Credits: Ellie Kurttz)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Last year, MIMI interviewed the talented and beautiful Nollywood actress Ini Edo. In the article All The World's Her Stage, Ini opened up about life in the limelight as one of the most sought after actresses in Nollywood. During the interview, MIMI talked to Ini about beauty; here is the rest of the interview that didn't make it into the article:
MIMI: As a woman who is known for her beauty, do you ever feel pressure to look a certain way?
Ini Edo: As long as I'm healthy and fit, that's all that matters. I'm very comfortable with my curves. I recently endorsed the MISS PLUS AFRICA Beauty Pageant because I believe that women should be encouraged to appreciate their curves. These days, you find out that women are under pressure to look a certain way. That should not be the case. No matter where you see yourself on the scale, treat yourself like a goddess!

MIMI: What things do you do, or use to keep your body, mind, and soul beautiful and balanced? Any favorite beauty/health products, tips, recipes, or regimens?
Ini Edo: I exercise a lot. Now, I'm trying to go into Yoga because I hear it's very relaxing to the soul. In regards to my make up and skin care, I drink a lot of water.
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First, MIMI told you about June Sarpong and Adama's blogs, now we bring you Kaysha's blog: African Bohemian: The Life and Times of Mr. Shada. Fans of Kaysha can keep up with the star by visiting his blog, where he writes about his latest music releases, adventurous travels, and so much more! No stone in Kaysha's celebirty life is left unturned in his online blog turned diary. Visit Kaysha's blog, African Bohemian: The Life and Times of Mr. Shada at:

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It has been a truly amazing journey for Mali's new superstars ngoni virtuoso Bassekou Kouyate and his band Ngoni Ba since the release of their debut album Segu Blue in March 2007. In just over a year Bassekou Kouyate's career has turned him from being a respected musician performing alongside artists such as the late Ali Farka Toure and Toumani Diabete into a World Music star in his own right.

Last week, on 10 April 2008, at the BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music 2008 winners announcement ceremony held at London's Dingwalls, Bassekou Kouyate was declared "Best African Act" and made a surprise appearance to pick up the award. Segu Blue had already been announced the winner of the "Album of the Year" Critics Award in December 2007 beating strong competition by Andy Palacio's Watina, Orchestra Baobab's Made in Dakar and Tinariwen's Aman Iman. Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba were also nominated in the "Best Newcomer" category.

Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba will be performing alongside other winning artists, Mayra Andrade, Juldeh Camara & Justin Adams, Sa Ding Ding and Son de la Frontera, at the winners concert, which for the first time will be held at the Royal Albert Hall in London and as part of the BBC Proms on 30 July 2008. For more information and ticket details, please visit:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Truly inspired in every sense of the word, Grammy Award Winner, CeCe Winans released her 8th solo project Thy Kingdom Come, today. The album is a celebration of the heart, soul and spirit of gospel music.
Purified, CeCe’s chart-topping 2005 release, saw the singer entertaining her pop sensibilities, proving once again that she excels at interpreting buoyant, life-affirming songs that a wider audience could embrace. But Thy Kingdom Come is different: it finds the gospel veteran going back to what she does best, namely, lavishing honor and glory upon the King of Kings, while rallying His people to live like royal priesthood.
Not one to pick favorites, she says she loves both ends of the spectrum. But something about singing for God and His church strikes a cord in her that not even the most uplifting, stirring pop tune can. “Singing for God and his people, It’s more home for me,” she says. “I’m most comfortable because I don’t even have to think hard. It’s something I love and I’ve been doing it for a long time. It comes from the heart. It touches the heart. I get lost in His will. I guess I have more fun shouting from the mountaintop.”
And shout she does; Thy Kingdom Come is one of the most empowering, moving collections of songs CeCe has recorded thus far.
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